Xander Naylor Trio

The Xander Naylor Trio, featuring Vinay Kaushal and Shreyas Iyengar, is a band born of spontaneous connection, chemistry and improvisation.  Formed out of a chance encounter between Xander and Vinay in India’s Kaziranga National Park, with the addition of Shreyas the band rapidly found its footing. Touring India during February 2020 provided the opportunity to explore new modes of expression and spontaneous composition.  Despite the distance between, the band members have maintained their connection - sharing thoughts, sounds and ideas which now culminates in the New Routes Tour (December 2022). The music is a blend of original compositions that explore the two cultures from which the members come as well as their thoughts on the current state of the world as seen from different vantage points.

Xander Naylor
Xander Naylor (USA) is a guitarist and composer whose music pays tribute to the generations before him, blending elements of jazz, rock, and Indian classical music, into what The Critical Masses describes as “a language all his own.” Born of his own spiritual journey and deep study of multiple Eastern and Western traditions, Naylor’s music has brought him to perform in concerts and festivals all over the world.

“Each track on [Continuum] flows seamlessly into the next as we’re treated to ridiculous guitar work, snazzy horn sections, well thought out dynamic shifts as well as a juxtaposition of genres blending well together to create that signature Naylor sound.” - ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

Vinay Kaushal
Fender artist and Musician’s Institute alumnus Vinay Kaushal (India) composes music that has been described as “a beautiful earworm” (Rolling Stone) that “hits hard and hits home” (The Score).  With various acclaimed music releases over the years, Vinay is amongst the sought after independent artists who surprises his audiences with every new composition.

"(Vinay's music) makes you want to get out your smoothest single malt in the middle of the day and watch the sun fade out. " - VOGUE MAGAZINE

Shreyas Iyengar
Shreyas Iyengar (India) is a composer, producer and multi instrumentalist at the forefront of the modern Indian jazz movement. His debut album 'Tough Times' received rave reviews and topped Apple Music's Jazz charts in India. It also featured at #3 on Rolling Stone India's best albums of 202

"Tough Times is an arresting modern jazz album with a wordless yet powerful sense of storytelling." - APPLE MUSIC EDITORIAL

Xander Naylor - guitar
Vinay Kaushal - electric bass, guitar
Shreyas Iyengar - drums