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As a Leader

Hayseed Original Soundtrack (Coming Sept. 2024)
Breathwork Deput EP (COMING SOON)
Children of Sound (Future Curious) (COMING SOON)
Continuum (Chant Records, 2020)
Transmission (Chhandayan, 2018)
Arc (Very Special Recordings, 2017)
eyes/windows (2011)
PinkBrown, PinkBrown (2011)
Notes (Id Records, 2010)
Caution Caution Caution, PoMo Trash (Id Records, 2010)
Xander Naylor Trio, Mentally Mobile (2008)
Silo, Prequel (2005)

As A Sideman

Railbird, Lucky EP (2012)
Avidya and the Kleshas, Tree of Series (2013)
The Rex Complex, Last Call for the End of the World (2011)
Ben Syversen, Cracked Vessel (2010)