Continuum (2020) out now on Chant Records:

Press for Continuum (2020)

"Each track on the album flows seamlessly into the next as we’re treated to ridiculous guitar work, snazzy horn sections, well thought out dynamic shifts as well as a juxtaposition of genres blending well together to create that signature Naylor sound." - Rolling Stone India

“Vast musical vistas.” - Jazz Trail

"Naylor's fluid compositions can feel like particularly frank discussions... [Continuum is] an album that simultaneously tweaks the mind and moves the body."  - Seven Days VT

"Naylor represents the new breed of modern guitarists who have incorporated a randomized search engine’s variety of music into their style. In Naylor’s case that would include avant jazz, post-rock, and Indian classical music. The trick is to integrate these styles into more than a pastiche, a trick that this musician pulls off handily." - Guitar Moderne