Xander Naylor Trio

Vinay Kaushal is a Composer, Guitar Player and Music Educator who has been a part of the independent music scene in India for more than a decade. He is an alumnus of the Musician’s Institute, Hollywood (GIT). Vinay officially endorses Fender Musical Instruments and Ernie Ball Strings in India and has been affiliated with both since 2015.  He released his debut album “Naked on a Train” in January 2018 and has received accolades from some of the top names in the music industry.

Vinay is all about writing and composing original music and is associated with quite a few popular acts. When he is not touring or playing gigs, he works as a music producer and composer with several projects under his belt including music production for independent artists, sessions for films and composing music and teaching upcoming musicians. He strongly believes that music can change how you perceive life.

Having been a student of the drums for over a decade and music as a whole for the same period, Shreyas brings his unique influences as a drummer to the project. Shreyas’ playing and production is an amalgamation of his years spent performing varied genres across stages in and outside India, as well as learnings from his experiences as a composer of film music, background scores and other visual media.

Xander Naylor - guitar
Vinay Kaushal - electric bass, guitar
Shreyas Iyengar - drums