I teach out of my studio in the Burlington, VT area.  (Burlington, Winooski, Essex, Williston, Colchester, Shelburne, Charlotte)
I am also available for virtual lessons.

Please send an e-mail to contact@xandernaylor.com

B.F.A Jazz Guitar - The New School for Jazz (NYC)
M.F.A.I.A - Goddard College (VT)

In my twenty years of teaching, I have always focused on working with the specific interests and abilities of my students.  I meet my students where they're at, and then work with them to help them become the best version of the musician they want to be.  My focus with beginners is to develop a foundation of technique and theory, while also learning songs.  Folk, rock, jazz, and classical styles may all be covered, as well as ear training,rhythmic concepts, and Indian classical music (Hindustani) which I have studied for the past ten years.  I attended the University of Vermont and The New School for Jazz (B.F.A. in Jazz Guitar), and hold an MFA from Goddard College.  In addition to private teaching, I also teach at The New School (NYC), and conduct workshops at home, online and abroad, most recently in India (December 2022). 

There's something very special about witnessing the development of musical expression in students before your eyes.  I cherish the learning I get to be a part of alongside my students, often picking up new songs with them as we go.

I have over 20 years of private teaching experience, and have conducted workshops both in the US and abroad.


Subjects Covered:
Technique (electric, acoustic, and classical)
Fingerstyle and plectrum guitar
Music Theory
Western Harmony and scales
Reading Music
Ear Training
Transcription Techniques
Rhythmic Concepts
Building practice Habits
Playing with others
Accompaniment techniques
Extended techniques
North Indian Hindustani scales (raga) and rhythms (tala)